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The purpose of this page is to link curriculum requirements, for developmentally-appropriate and discipline-specific research skills, to matching library instruction and information literacy support outcomes

Drug Use and Addiction course outcomes related to research skills:

Other indicators of required research or information seeking:

From the Outcome and Assessment Strategies:

"The methods used may include one or more of the following tools: examinations, quizzes, homework assignments, professional journal reviews, research papers, small group projects, oral presentations or maintenance of a journal."

Bridging competencies to support research and information seeking at this level:

  • Understand what the “peer-reviewed” process is for addiction and drug counseling
  • Locate library databases
  • Identify scientific terms for common vernacular terms
  • Identify keywords and concepts for a search strategy

Corresponding research and information seeking outcomes for AD 102:

  1. Identify sources for peer reviewed research reports
  2. Identify sources for evidence-based research
  3. Select sources for peer reviewed and evidence-based research
  4. Incorporate sources into writing, with proper citation


Librarian Instructional Objectives:

  1. Select relevant library database(s) to search for peer-reviewed research reports
  2. Identify and select sources for electronically published journal articles or datasets
  3. Select sources relevant to a specific topic
  4. Identify indicators for citing

Placement of courses on an Information Literacy Continuum

Courses Instructional Stages Student's Developmental Stage


Connecting to 

1. I know where the library is located and about some of the services provided.



Information Seeking

2. I can identify a topic, and identify useful information sources to read about it.

AD 101

Literacy Skills

3. I can develop a topic statement, locate and use library sources, and begin  informational research.


AD 102


Academic or Career/
Technical Related

4. I evaluate the sources I have found for relevancy to my field, and I know who some of the experts are.

Inquiry and Exploration for

5. I can identify pro- and con-positions on a topic. I can identify the perspectives of various experts in a field.

Discipline- or Area
of Study Specific

6. I can support my position on an issue with evidence. I can accurately summarize the scholarly or professional conversation.


Librarian Liaison to the Alcohol and Drug Counselor SAC (Subject Area Committee)

Contact: Marianne Tanner, librarian at the  Cascade Library

Alcohol and Drug courses with outcomes related to research and information seeking

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