WR 121 Perrine: Getting Started

Resources for Exploring How People Write in their Professions

Your assignment


Writing Project #4: Annotated Bibliography: In the first three writing projects, we focused on your past and present experiences. Now, we’re shifting to consider your future—specifically, the profession, career, or workplace you envision for yourself and the writing practices that are specific to that professional culture. To learn more about these writing practices, you’ll create an annotated bibliography:

• Locate 4-6 relevant sources from your future professional field. These could include mission statements on company websites, consumer-focused publications, social media accounts, informational videos, newsletters, interviews with people who work in that field, etc. Please diversify your sources—locate ones from a variety of companies, organizations, or institutions, and include a variety of genres (so, don’t make all your sources social media, or all newsletters, etc.).

• Once you have a set of credible sources, create a bibliography that summarizes and reflects on your observations about the writing and rhetorical practices of your chosen field. For each source, the bibliography should include a full citation and two paragraphs of summary and reflection. Your bibliography should also begin with a brief introduction that provides context for what follows.

• How long? 8-12 paragraphs, plus citations and your introduction. (That’s probably around 900-1200 words total.)

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