Games at the PCC Library!: By Campus

Finding board and card games at the PCC Library

Looking for a game to play? This guide will help you find the perfect game -- and to figure out what's available at your campus. 

On this page, click on your campus to search for games available to borrow today.  All games check out for one week, and (just like laptops and cameras) must be returned to the campus where you check them out.  

Need a party game for lots of players?  Or a quick game to play between classes?  Check the tabs to find lists -- and click on the games to see what BoardGameGeek, a popular tabletop games site, has to say about each one.

Donating games to the library

Do you have games you don't play?  Are there games you really want to share with everyone at PCC? The library welcomes game donations!

Donated games need to be in like-new condition, with all of their parts.  We'll check to see if we have other copies -- generally, if there's not a copy at the campus where the game is donated, that's where it will stay.  If there's a copy at the campus where it's donated, we may move the donated game to a different campus.

Yet more games -- Print and Play options

Can't make it to campus?  If you have access to a printer, try a Print & Play game!  (Some will require additional materials, such as dice and/or counters.)