Meaningful Conversations: Campus Security: Arming Campus Police

ARCHIVE: Guide No Longer Being Updated.


In the wake of mass shootings at schools and colleges around the country and the recent tragedy right here in Oregon at Umqua Community College, many people are asking difficult questions about how to make our campuses safer and more secure.  Among the solutions often discussed is the use of armed campus police.  

The purpose of this guide is to provide a starting point to exploring the issue of armed campus security.  If you have suggestions for additional resources or questions about this guide, don't hesitate to contact Rachel Bridgewater, Faculty Librarian at Cascade.

photo credit: Flickr user Garrett Wilber:  To Serve and Protect

Armed Campus Police: Local/State

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Oregon colleges and universities with armed security, see below to read the policies:

Portland State University: Policy and Controversy

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Federal Statistics

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These findings come from the 2011–12 Survey of Campus Law Enforcement Agencies, which surveys U.S. 4-year colleges and universities with 2,500 or more students.  About 75% of campuses employed armed security officers.

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News and Reports

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