Climate Change

Provides resources on climate change and global warming from the perspective of the disciplines of science, social science and humanities.

History and climate change

3 "grandfathers" of climate science: Fourier, Tyndall, and Arrhenus.

  Image from The History of Climate Change on the Skeptical Science website


What does the discipline of history contribute to our understanding of climate change?

  • an understanding of anthropogenic changes to the environment that have taken place over millennia. 
  • perspectives on the relationship between climatic conditions and human societies. 
  • skills for documenting events as a major world-changing development is underway

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This episode of The Green Interview features John Cumbler, an author and environmental historian whose studies explore the human impact on the natural world over long periods of time.

"How Climate Made History" (52 minutes)

"Earth in 1000 Years" - An eye opening documentary on what the future may look like.  (47 minutes)