Climate Change

Provides resources on climate change and global warming from the perspective of the disciplines of science, social science and humanities.

Climate Change and Art

"I don't believe in Global warming" in red letters on wall of partially submerged building.

credit: Banksy

What role does art have in addressing climate change? Art can

  • help us visualize the effects of climate change in both concrete and creative ways
  • offer multiple perspectives, interpretations, and dialog on climate change
  • allows us to explore different human responses and experiences
  • engage people in threats posed by climate change
  • explore the emotional impact of a swiftly changing planet
  • make the invisible, or unimaginable, visible

Explore artists' responses to climate change

performance artists are "gasoline ghosts"

credit: Coltura 

Climate change fiction

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Two indigenous poets - one from the Marshall Islands and another from Greenland - meet at the source of our rising seas to share a moment of solidarity.

88 Cores by Peggy Weil88 Cores descends two miles through the Greenland Ice Sheet in one continuous pan dating back more than 110,000 years at bedrock.”

Communicating Climate Change Through Art: Kabarole Research and Resource  Centre, Uganda 2012, the Kabarole Research and Resource Centre, along with private sector partners in Uganda, started to organise Annual Street Art Festivals on Climate Change in the town of Fort-Portal, profiling artists communicating about climate change.”

Films OnDemand: “This episode of The Green Interview features Franke James, a rabble-rousing artist, author, and activist who uses her art—a signature style of lively drawings mixed with photos and hand drawn text—and her written work to campaign for social and environmental justice.”

Andreco “Since 2000, he has been trying to find connections between art and science, symbolism, and environmental sustainability.”