Climate Change

Provides resources on climate change and global warming from the perspective of the disciplines of science, social science and humanities.

Communication Studies and Climate Change

The discipline of communication studies provides an understanding of effective and ineffective ways to communicate a message, including why the standard "deficit model" of communication used by scientists and climate activists is not successful:  

"Proceeding from the assumption that your audience lacks facts —that is, that they have a deficit —all you need to do it give them the facts, in clear and eloquent and dramatic enough terms, and you can make them feel like you want them to feel, how they ought to feel, how you feel. But research on the practice of risk communication has found that this approach usually fails, and often backfires. The deficit model may work fine in physics class, but it’s an ineffective way to try to change people’s attitudes. That’s because it appeals to reason, and reason is not what drives human behavior."

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Moyers & Company: Ending the Silence on Climate Change (57 minutes)

TED Talk by Katherine Hayhoe:  The most important thing you can do to fight climate change:  talk about it.  (17 minutes)

TED Talk by Greta Thunberg, who helped spark an international youth moment.  (11 minutes)