Climate Change

Provides resources on climate change and global warming from the perspective of the disciplines of science, social science and humanities.

Geology and Climate Change

poster chart of climate change through time


How do geologists approach climate change? Geologists study the physical structures of the Earth, and can bring millions of years of the Earth's paleoclimatic record to an understanding of current questions. Here are some areas geologists might explore or questions they might ask.

  • Does the geological record support current theories of climate change?
  • What are the different geological parameters or methods one can use for climate change research?
  • How might climate change affect the geohazards we face in the future?

Web Resources:

Books and ebooks

DVD and Streaming Video:

Harvard University, The Question of Nature: A Geological Perspective on Human-Induced Climate Change, (1 hour, 3 minutes)

Brigham Young University, How to Avoid The Truth About Climate Change (40 minutes)

TEDxBangalore, Confusing Ancient Geological Patters With Global Warming, (10 minutes, 47 seconds) 

Department of Environmental Science at University of Washington, Geological Perspectives on Climate Change (1 hour, 21 minutes)