Climate Change

Provides resources on climate change and global warming from the perspective of the disciplines of science, social science and humanities.

Biology and Climate Change


 cartoon scientists studying effects of climate change with giant mosquito

credit: Mike Keefe; Retrieved from

What kinds of questions do biologists ask about climate change?

  • How are different species reacting to or adapting to a rapidly changing climate?
  • How do we measure the impact of climate change on different species?
  • What can be done to save threatened species from extinction?
  • What effects does climate change have on diseases, both human and animal?
  • What kind of biodiversity changes might we see under different climate scenarios?

Web Resources

DVD and Streaming Video:

University of Washington, Understanding and Adapting to Climate Change (4 minutes)

University of California TV, Feeling the Heat: The Biology of Ocean Warming, (57 minutes)

California Academy of Sciences, How Does Climate Change Affect Biodiversity? (12 minutes)