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ARCHIVE: Guide No Longer Being Updated.

Welcome to the resource guide for the 2019 Anderson Conference

The Equitable Educator: Classroom Practices for Success

Friday, February 1 from 8:30-4:00 at the Rock Creek Event Center

The college is moving rapidly to implement structural changes to support students and advance the vision of equitable student success. What does this movement mean for faculty in the classroom? Many faculty have moved their courses towards more equitable practices, implementing changes in curriculum, policies, textbooks, teaching policies, and classroom practices, but completion rates show that not enough work has yet been done. How do we confront the historical legacies and continuing presence of marginalization, subjugation, and colonization?

As we think about The Equitable Educator, we invite you to share the many ways you help support PCC’s student populations. Workshops might focus on:

  • De-centering the instructor
  • Navigating PCC bureaucracy to advance equity
  • Investigating implicit bias
  • Asset-based Pedagogy
  • Active learning strategies
  • Supporting trauma-affected students
  • Eradicating the deficit model of students
  • Dismantling the full-time/part-time hierarchy
  • Recognizing power and privilege in the classroom
  • Closing the opportunity gap
  • Developing collaborations between faculty and students

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