WR 222 with Liz Smith: Explore professional information

Explore a major, career and professional association

Try a Google search to find professional associations related to a job or field of study. Search tips:

  • site:org limits to nonprofits
  • useful search words to try: professional association, Oregon, careers
  • add the job or career name to the search, such as: nursing

Browse the website of a professional association to identify examples of:

  • current topics or issues of interest
  • professional writing
  • advocacy for policy or legislative changes
  • professional activities like conferences -- look to the keynote speaker for leaders in the field
  • thought leaders -- you might also try a TED talk to identify a mover/shaker in your field!

Pro TIP! Visit the department page for field of study you intend to pursue at colleges in Oregon.

  • What faculty are doing research of interest to you?
  • What are the latest topics or issues or problems that are being researched?

News on research

Find Books, Articles, DVDs, and more

Explore a journal in your field of study

Search the PCC Library on a broad topic or field of study and limit the results to Journals under Format.

Where is that Scholarly Conversation?

Finding the scholarly conversation can be difficult to follow. The following tools will help you track your topic in academic journals:

  • AuthorMapper is a tool by the publisher Springer that tracks who (author) and where (location) scholarly articles are being published.
  • CiteULike is a social network for citations. As a registered user you can save and tag the scholarly articles you have used in your library. If someone else tags or saves the same article you are able to see what else might be relevant in their library; allowing you to expand your