Dr. Sara Goldrick-Rab and the True Cost of College: Resources for Further Exploration

Resources for Further Exploration

ARCHIVE: Guide No Longer Being Updated.

Selected Books by Dr. Goldrick-Rab

The following books were either written, edited, or contributed to by Dr. Goldbrick-Rab, and are available from the PCC library, or by request via Summit. Click on the title to place a hold.

Selected Articles by Dr. Goldrick-Rab

"Challenges and Opportunities for Improving Community College Student SuccessReview of Educational Research. Sept. 2010.

This review examines research for explanations of why "large proportions of students who enter community colleges do no persist for longer than a semester, complete a program, or attain a credential."

"Here's Another Reason Why Many Community College Students Do Not Get Their Degree" The Conversation, 14 March 2016. 

Considers mental health issues and socioeconomic background as a contributing factors to low community college completion rates.

"A Matter of Trust: Applying Insights from Social Psychology to Make College Affordable." Policy Insights from the Behavioral and Brain Sciences. 2016.

"Financial aid policies aimed at making college affordable need to build trust with transparent, simple, relational decision aids."

"On Second Chances and Stratification: How Sociologists Think About Community Colleges." Community College Review. Jan. 2015. 

This article provides an overview on sociological research about community colleges, which focuses on: "the tension between increasing educational opportunity and failing to improve equity in college completion across key demographics, such as race and socioeconomic status."

"What Colleges Can do Right Now to Help Low-Income Students Succeed." Chronicle of Higher Education. 02 Sept. 2016. 

Goldrick-Rab expresses "the need for colleges to assess students' readiness to learn, listening and learning from the students and knowing their needs, and getting the community involved in the education of students."

Students Experiencing Homelessness and Hunger

Costs of College: Additional Resources

Beyond Financial Aid: How Colleges Can Strengthen The Financial Stability of Low-Income Students and Improve Outcomes

Toolkit and resources created by the Lumina Foundation to help schools close the achievement gap for low income students.

Canche, Manuel S. Gonzalez. "Is the Community College a Less-Expensive Path Toward a Bachelor's Degree? Public 2 and 4 Year Colleges' Impact on Loan Debt." Journal of Higher Education, Sept.-Oct. 2014.

"This study examines the effect of initial enrollment in public 2- and 4-year institutions on education loan debt conditional upon bachelor's degree completion."

Greenblatt, Alan. "Student Debt: Is Free Community College the Answer?" CQ Researcher 27 June 2016. 

Looks at the pros and cons of free tuition and other solutions being suggested by educators and politicians. 

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