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Your assignment requires you to assume the role of a nurse, doctor, teacher, social worker, nutritionist, or neighbor and investigate  a fictitious child as a case study. You have been asked to provide some knowledge, insight, and recommendations about the child’s problems for the parent(s) of the child. The child will have a diagnosis that you will have to describe as well as a specific context that might have some effect on your recommendations for treatment.  You will use library resources to find scholarly and/or scientific information about both the diagnosis and the context.

Part A

Part B

Part C

Your Role




social worker



The Child

Age (7-11)


Child’s diagnosis



Autistic Spectrum Disorder-you can decide the severity

Cerebral Palsy

Effects of exposure to viruses- for example the Zika virus (not in the text)

Learning Disability-you pick one

Selective Mutism (not in the text)

Neurotoxicity such as early exposure to Lead- the effects on the school age child

Genetic disorder such as Trisomy 21 (you can select others)

Obesity with Diabetes

Depression, anxiety, or another Psychiatric Diagnosis but is normed for a child


Poor match between the parenting style and temperament of the child

The child is from an Amish, Jehovah Witness, (or any other religious affiliation that affects a child in relation to their peers) religious community.

The child's understandings are related to a strong cultural influence. This could be African American,  Asian, Hispanic, Native American, or Hmong, or you can choose another ethnic background. This background may influence their values and parental perceptions.

The child is from a very low socioeconomic status; may be homeless

The child is a non English speaker and so is the majority of their family

The child is from a single parent home

The child’s parent(s) are gay or transgender

The child is in a home where there is instability of some kind. For example military deployment of a father or mother, domestic violence, or employment or financial issues

The child is suffering active rejection or is being bullied

The child has grown up in an environmentally polluted area; exposed to toxins

The child lives in an excessively stressful household/ moves frequently/unstable

The biggest mistake we see students making with this assignment is trying to find peer-reviewed articles that address both the diagnosis and the context.  You are unlikely to find those.  Your task is to find out information about the diagnosis and about the context and put the two together on your own to make your recommendation.