Online Learning and the Library: Library Links

What is a library widget?

This library guide is similar to the widget that will appear in your online class.  Librarians create research guides for each discipline taught at PCC, and collaborate with faculty to create specific course pages.  Why? So that students can rapidly get an overview of the resources available in their discipline through the PCC Library.  At present, each D2L class is linked through the widget with an appropriate research guide; we're transitioning to software which will allow us to automatically link to a course page, if available, and a research guide if no course page is available. 

How can I get a course page for my class?

Collaborate with a librarian!  Use the Subject Liaison List to find the librarian who supports your discipline and let us know what your students need.  Class pages can include links to ebooks, articles, and/or databases, streaming videos, rss feeds, tutorials, and more!  Here are a few examples: RD 115, GD 249, and WR 121, WR 121, and more WR 121.

Using library content in your course

Would you like to add current articles, streaming video, or ebooks to your class?  Library persistent links are an easy way to share content from library databases with your students.

Library services for Faculty

What can the library do for you and your students? Join us for a quick adventure and find out!

You may also want to link . . . .

Library tutorials and handouts are especially useful for students who are beginning researchers.  Library How Do I? offers help with common research tasks, and the Information Literacy Toolkit provides materials you can use in your teaching.  You may also want to include the College Success guide, which references many of the non-cognitive skills students learn about through the Smarter Measure assessment.