Emergency Medical Services (EMS/EMT): Find Articles

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Find a Specific Article

How to figure out if PCC has a specific article and (if we do) get the full-text:

  • Use the PCC Library search box in the middle of the Library homepage to search for the title of the journal in which it was published (NOT the article title).  TIP: If you don't know the title of the journal, try searching for the article title and the author(s) in Google to get that information.
  • Find the journal title in the results list. If you find a result that says "Online Access" or "Available at" and a PCC campus location, that means it is available through the PCC Library. If it is available online, click on the Online Access link to be taken to full-text online database access for that journal. If it is available in print, click on the "Available at" link to find the location of the journal in the library.


  • You should now be able to browse to the year and issue you want or to search the journal for the specific article title.



If PCC does not have access to full-text, you can request the article from another library.

Video: Find Articles through the PCC Library

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