Chinese: Practice

PCC Courses

All PCC Chinese courses are taught using an immersion method. The objective of all Chinese courses at PCC is to help students to develop communicative competence and proficiency in comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing Chinese as well as cultural awareness.

A History of Chinese Languages

Spoken and Written Chinese

Practice spoken Chinese with the following apps and websites:

Duolingo: Mandarin Chinese

Youtube: Mandarin Chinese

Pinyan Chart from Chinese Pronunciation Wiki

Chinese Pronunciation Wiki: "598 pages and growing!"

For both written and spoken Mandarin Chinese, try Mondly.

For written only, try Skritter, an app for learning both Chinese and Japanese handwriting.

For additional websites and apps, try OpenCulture

Learn Chinese Through Games, Songs, and Stories

GamesLearnChinese: Games, flashcards, and resources like word lists, to increase your vocabulary. 

Chinese Flow: Practice Chinese characters -- using either the the 汉字, pinyin, English or audio and the match that to the characters, pinyin, English or any combination.

WenJunior: Youtube channel that uses songs and music to teach basic Mandarin. 

Learning Chinese Through Stories: These podcasts cover a wide range of topics and proficiency levels(Novice, Intermediate, Advanced). Each story has two parts: 1 - story and 2 - story explanation, accompanied by annotated vocabulary and transcript.

Maayot: Another source for learning through listening to stories.