Political Science: Oregon

Oregon and Portland Government (Or as my folks said it, "Gum-mint"

  • Is Vote by Mail Secure?  The Portland Tribune explains why it is.  (Nov 2016)
  • Oregon Blue Book. Published every two years, it has statistics, names of office holders, trivia and photos.
  • Oregon Government Official sites of state government agencies.
  • Oregon Newspaper Index Indexes over 845,000 articles in the Oregonian and Oregon Journal newspapers from 1851-1987. Maintained by the University of Oregon.
  • Oregon Policy Directory This resource provides links to several hundred selected organizations that influence public policy in Oregon.
  • Portland Online The official website for the City of Portland's government.
  • Tax Breaks for Businesses. Most states have done no assessment as to whether the tax breaks they offer to businesses actually work. Good news! Oregon is one of them.  Bad news, the assessment of whether giving Nike and Intel millions in tax breaks is worthwhile is not reported, just that Oregon Government is collecting information about it. Maybe someday they will tell us.

Portland Area Information Sources

  • The Bridge.  PCC's student written news site. It mostly covers PCC events and news.
  • City Club of Portland. (Friday Forum Section.)  The Friday Forums are Podcasts of the weekly speeches made to the City Club.  Generally High Quality. You can search for topics from this page.
  • Oregon Policy Directory: Organized by topic (commerce, environment, etc.) this page of links guides you to the websites of many Oregon non-profit organizations.
  • The Oregonian (Oregon Live version.) Once Oregon's biggest and best newspaper, now a sad shadow of its former self. The company that has the rights to the electronic version (going back to 1850s) charges too much, so we don't subscribe. This link goes to the 'Oregon Live' website, which the "O" says has all the print content that is locally produced. 
  • Oregonian through Multnomah County Library The county library still subscribes to the online version of the Oregonian. If you have a Multnomah County Library card, you can search it through their subscription. Scroll down to the Oregonian on the list and enter.
  • Portland Mercury. Usually crude, always irreverent, it sometimes has stories the other media miss.
  • Portland Observer.  Aimed at African-American readers. 
  • Portland-Seattle Skanner.  Aimed at African-American readers, it tends to cover national stories more than local, but does have some local stories.
  • Portland Tribune. A twice a week free paper, with ties to many of the suburban newspapers.
  • Willamette Week. Website for the weekly alternative paper. It has broken some stories that the Oregonian missed.
  • Topix. Topix is an online gathering spot of news feeds about Portland. A good place to start if you are looking for inspiration for finding local news stories.
  • KGW Television. Our local television stations don't do much original reporting. Usually they dove-tail on work done by the Oregonian. Still, occasionally they surprise you.
  • KATU Television.
  • KPTV Television.
  • KOIN Television. 
  • Children First Oregon An advocacy and research group on children's health, education, family status and similar issues for Oregon. They put out a report every 2 years.

Super Useful Oregon and Portland Links


Portland Police Bureau and the City Attorney respond to questions about Portland Police and how they handle demonstrations and protests. (Nov 2018)


News reports about the Oregon Legislature


is a service of the Oregon State LIbrary.  It provides one-stop searching for high-quality news sources about bills, hearings, and legislation in the Legislature.  You can search by keyword (a box on the right) or scroll down a bit on the right and select "Categories" to see articles on specific topics.  Recommended.

Local News from Oregon Public Broadcasting

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