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Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt lotus The British Museum presents information on Egyptian life, rulers, gods and goddesses, pyramids, temples, and mummification.


Photo of Amelia Earhart

Films on Demand, a streaming video service has a nice set of Archival Films and Newsreels.  Newsreels were 8-10 minute movies that were shown in theaters before the main attraction.  They gave audiences a chance to see pilot Amelia Earhart (left) or whoever in action.  The link will show you all the choices.

There is also a general "History" set. This second set covers the Ancient World to today.



Vikings: The North Atlantic Saga , presented by the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, examines the history of the western expansion of the Vikings and sheds new light on a well known culture. Includes maps and exhibit highlights.  (NOTE:  This is an archived copy of the original Smithsonian Website.  Not all links may work.)


Viking ship