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Search through this set of articles to explore ideas and  topics in Western Civilization.  This is a good place to start when you want to explore a topic and see if it works for you.

Library Catalog Searches (Pre made, by subject!)

ancient egypt

ancient greece

Roman republic (ending at the rise of August Caesar and the death of Cleopatra of Egypt)

Roman Empire (to the end of the Western Empire, 475 AD)

attila and the huns (Should be the name of a Rock Band, like "Susie Saxon and the Anglos."

byzantine empire (aka "Eastern Roman Empire)


Middle Ages  There are so many results from this search that you might want to add another term-- England, Religion, Women, etc.


genghis khan and the Mongols

marco polo


the enlightenment (with some odd Buddhist titles mixed in)

French Revolution.


industrial revolution


world war I

world war II

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