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The First Time the Nazis marched in Portland.  The forgotten story of the 1936 visit of the German cruiser "Emden."  From Silvie Andrews of the Oregon Historical Society.

Eugenics in Oregon  Eugenics is the idea of breeding humans in order to improve the human race. It was a popular idea from about 1880 to the mid-20th century. Oregon was one of the states that had eugenics laws, which included sterilizing people considered unfit to breed.  The last forced sterilization in Oregon occurred in 1981.  The link takes you to the landing page of a website looking at the history and documents of Eugenics in Oregon.

Digital Collections of the Oregon Historical Society.   The Oregon Historical Society Library has been making an effort to digitalize its collection, and making progress.  This site is visually strong, but the search side is clunky.  Stick with it, there are treasures here.

The Oregon History Project was created by the Oregon Historical Society, and explores the state's history through narratives, biographies, an interactive timeline, and historical records including digitized photographs, journal entries, artifacts, and government documents.

Vanport Mosaic is a project to gather together information on the city destroyed by a flood in 1948.  It includes links to books, articles, maps, and collections of interviews.  Material is still being added to this site. Check the link to "resources" to find this material.

Crafting the Oregon Constitution

This Oregon State Archives exhibit explores the development of the Oregon Constitution, particularly events surrounding the 1857 constitutional convention.

Films at PCC Library

Oregon History -- Films

Learn how World War II brought major changes to Oregon. View Oregon at War online or check out the DVD from PCC Library.

Learn how the Beach Bill protected Oregon's Coastline in this OPB documentary.

Watch Kam Wah Chung, an OPB documentary which explores the history of the Chinese in Eastern Oregon through the stories of herbal doctor Ing Hay and businessman Lung On.

Watch OPB's film segment Celilo Revealed on the controversy surrounding the submerging of Celilo falls and nearby settlements due to the construction of the Dalles Dam in 1957.


Dipnet fishing at Celilo Falls in the 1950s


Historic Oregon Newspapers

Oregon History -- Online Books

The Oregon Blue Book is a compilation of information about Oregon's government, economy, culture and history. Traces Oregon's history from prehistory to the present. Includes special collections such as Depression Era Public Works images, historical photographs of Oregonians at work, and historical Oregon trademarks

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The History and Archaeology Library of the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department is a combination of digitized publications that are in public domain, as well as listings of books on the Beaver State available through libraries. There are two main subdivisions, by county and statewide.  There are also links to the Oregon Historic Sites Database, State Archives, State Library, U of Oregon Special Collections and Digital Newspaper archives, and the Northwest Digital Archives.  Highly recommended for in-depth research.