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Streaming Videos

Streaming Videos

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Mahatma Gandhi: the great soul lives

This documentary traces the footsteps of Mahatma Gandhi from London, where he studied law, to South Africa, where he established his first ashram, to India, where he worked tirelessly for independence.

Story of India

This program looks at identity and the roots of India's famous "unity in diversity."

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What Does India Think?

What Does India Think? Is a November 2015 report from the European Council on Foreign Relations. There are a collection of essays, including: "What Does India Think?"; "India's Gandhian Foreign Policy"; "The India That Made Modi"; "The Challenges of Basic Education in India"; "What Do India's Citizens Want?" "Can Modi Deliver Good Governance?"; "India's Politics and the Poor"; "The False Debate on India's Energy Consumption"; "Imagining Smart Cities in India" ; "India's Strategic Opportunities" ; "India's Strategic Diffidence"; "China, India, Pakistana nd a Stable Regional Order"; "Modi's Approach to China and Pakistan" and "The FTA: A Strategic Call for the EU and India?"