College Success: Online Readiness Assessment

Information and resources for students in CG classes, as well as students wanting to improve skills related to readiness assessment.

Online Readiness Assessment for success in college

Online Readiness Assessment is a self-assessment used by the Online Learning and Developmental Education departments to help students understand how non-cognitive factors are related to student success. On this page you'll find links to websites and online tutorials that will help you to develop the attributes, skills and knowledge that contribute to success. These include the following non-cognitive factors:

Time management skills
Perception of academic skills
Self discipline
Persistence Availability of time
Learning styles

Technology knowledge and competency
Ability to use a laptop, printer, software, and the Internet

On this page, you'll find lots of resources for helping you become a more successful student.

Your learning styles

Learning Styles by University of Western Ontario (website)

Making the Most of Your Learning Style by Open University (website)

What's Your Learning Style? by (website)

Study skills and test taking

Research, Reading, and Writing by Cambridge Educational (video)

Studying and Test-taking by Cambridge Educational (video)

Strategic Study Techniques by Open University (website)

The Guide to Learning and Study Skills for Higher Education and at Work by Sue Drew and Rosie Bingham (ebook)

The Study Skills Guide: Essential Strategies for Smart Students by Jacqueline Connelly and Patrick Forsyth (ebook)

Studying at a Distance: A Guide for Students by Christine J. Talbot

Goal setting

Goal Setting: Discovering Your Gifts by Learning Zone Xpress (video)

Goal Setting by Oregon State University (website)

Values and Goals by Cambridge Educational (video)

Money and finances

Financial Aid at PCC (website)

Borrowing Money by Common Craft (video)

Credit Card Responsibility by Common Craft (video)

PCC Student's Guide to Money (website)

Paying Your Way Through College by Cambridge Educational (video)

Paying for School by (website)

Locus of control

What Is Locus of Control? by About Psychology (website)

Locus of Control by MindTools (website)


A Student's Guide to Avoiding Procrastination by Study Magazine (website)

Overcoming Procrastination by CollegeView (website)

Time Management: Procrastination by Carroll College (website)

Understanding and Overcoming Procrastination by Princeton University (website)


Tips for Staying Motivated by The College Board (website)

Tips for College Students: Motivation by University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Top Ten Tips for Motivation by Community College of Rhode Island

Where to study

Creating an Effective Study Environment by Wilfrid Laurier University  (website)

Finding a Good Place to Study by Education Corner (website)

Study Environment Analysis by Virginia Tech

Technology vocabulary

Digital Literacy by Common Craft (video)

Digital Skills by Goodwill Community Foundation (videos)

Communicating on the Web by (website)

Technology news

  • Computer Database 
    Gale. Use this database to find computer-related product introductions, news and reviews in areas such as hardware, software, electronics, engineering, communications and the application of technology.
  • Computer Source 
    EBSCOhost. Information and current trends in high technology. This database features over 300 full text periodicals covering topics such as programming, artificial intelligence, cybernetics, information systems, robotics, and software.

Internet competency

World Wide Web by Common Craft (website)

Using the Internet by (website)

Internet Basics by Goodwill Community Foundation (videos)

Internet Visual Quick Tips by Kate Shoup (ebook)

Web Browsers by Common Craft (video)

Email Access by Common Craft (video)

An Introduction to Search Engines and Web Navigation by Mark Levene (ebook)

Simplified Internet and Web by Vishnu P. Singh (ebook)

Computer basics competency

Computer Basics by Goodwill Community Foundations (videos)

Computer Hardware by Common Craft (video)

Using a Computer or Mobile Device by (website)

Mac Operating Systems by Goodwill Community Foundations (videos)

Windows Operating Systems by Goodwill Community Foundations (videos)

Computer Software by Common Craft (video)

Using Software and Applications by (website)

Time management

College Success Track:Time Management by PCC (website)

Managing Time Successfully: Cutting Edge Communication Comedy Series (video; log in with MyPCC credentials)

Time Management Skills by Open University (website)

Smart Tips for Time Management by University of Chicago (website)

Sleep and the College Student by Dartmouth College (video)


Using technology

Learning with Online and Mobile Technologies: A Student Survival Guide by Janet McDonald and Linda Creanor (ebook)

Online Discussion Forums by Common Craft (video)

Online Citizenship by Common Craft (video)

Cloud Computing by Common Craft (video)

Unleashing Web 2.0: From Concepts to Creativity by Gottfried Vossen and Stephan Hagemann (ebook)