Addiction Counseling: Find Articles

Finding Articles on Specific Topics

This page provides information on where to search for journal, magazine, and newspaper articles by topic or subject. Here are some tips for searching in a library article database:

  • Try not to use more than three search terms, joined by "and". For example: e-cigarettes and adolescents and addiction.
  • Put quotation marks around words that you want to keep together in your search. For example: "case study".
  • Use the limiters available on the results screen to limit to a specific type of publication. For example "peer-reviewed" or "magazines".
  • Try multiple searches using a variety of search terms.

Video: What are Library Databases and Why do you Need Them?

What is Peer Review?

Infographic describing the peer-review process.

Tutorial: How To Read a Scientific Article

Found a peer reviewed journal article, and can't figure out what the heck it's about? Check out this 4 minute video on how to read and understand a peer-reviewed article (hint: it isn't from beginning to end!)

Recommended databases for published articles

For published journal articles about addiction, treatment, research and theory, begin with these databases. Each database contains articles from both magazine and peer reviewed journals. You can limit your search to one or the other.

Database search tips

Search tips for most library databases & web searching:

  • search tip: use an asterisk* to find various endings of a word root, ex. addict* will find addict, addicts, addiction, addicted, addictive.
  • search tip: put "quotation marks" around phrases, ex. "control group".
  • search tip: look for a way to limit your search by publication type, for example "Magazines" or "Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals".

Find Articles with Google Scholar

Google Scholar searches the web for scholarly articles, reports, books, and other materials. From home, you will need to set your Google Scholar preferences to access PCC Library resources. Setting the Library Links to PCC will ensure that when you search Google Scholar in your browser, you will see Find It @ PCC links to full text if we have the article. To learn how, visit the first page of this handout

If PCC has access to an article, a "Find it @ PCC" link will appear to the right of the article title. Click “Find it @ PCC” to go to the library catalog where you will be offered a choice to view the article. 

Google Scholar sometimes also provides links to other free sources for full text.