Theatre Arts: Dramaturgy

Guide to research and library resources for students in theatre classes

On Dramaturgy

Dramaturgy is the research that goes into understanding the world of the play.

  • The author and the world in which she or he lived
  • The world in which the play takes place
  • The play's production history
  • Critical analyses of the play

The World of the Author

Want to know what was happening during the time in which the author lived? Check out the appropriate Chronology of World History below!

History of the Play

These sources will help you find reviews and other historical information about past productions of your play. You can also try to do a search for the title of your play as a subject in the advanced catalog search to see what books exist about your play.

Getting a book we don't have through Summit

If we don't have a book, chances are we can get it for you!

When you find an item with a "Request from another library" message that means the book is not in our collection or is checked out. You may be able to request the book from a library in our region. If you don't see the "Request from another Summit library (about 5 days)" link button, you will need to log in with your MyPCC username and password after you click the blue "Sign in" button. 

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What Was Life Like Then?

To find books on the social history of a particular place and time, there are three possible ways to search the catalog. Each may pull up different books, so it's a good idea to try all three.

1. Search for your place and/or time with the term daily life

2. Search for your place and/or time with the term social life and customs

3. Search for your place and/or time with the term social conditions

Here are a few of other sources that may be useful to you in looking at daily life in America in different regions and time periods:

What Did They Wear?

How Did They Talk?

Finding Criticism of Your Play

These three databases contain literary and drama criticism, and you may find criticism of your play in one of the following three databases and the eBook.

You can also try to do a search for the title of your play as a subject in the advanced catalog search to see what books exist about your play.