Theatre Arts: Get Started

Guide to research and library resources for students in theatre classes

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Chicago Theater Balcony View by Chris Smith. Used under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.This guide is designed to help students do research for theatre classes, whether they are researching plays, acting, or stagecraft. This first page provides information on finding articles and books related to theatre.

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  • Dramaturgy - Getting to know the context portrayed in your play.
  • Find Plays & Criticism - Find plays, monologues, theatre reviews, and criticism of plays.
  • Job Resources - Resources on finding a job in theatre, local and national theatre companies, and theatre associations. 
  • Cite Sources - Tips and tools for citing sources and avoiding plagiarism.
  • Get Help - Get help from a librarian 24x7, get support from a tutor, or find a handout or tutorial to help you with your research.

Chicago Theater Balcony View by Chris Smith. Used under CC BY-NC-SA.

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