WR 121 Kidoguchi: Projecting Gender & Examining Difference

Course guide for a WR 121 class.

Researching Writing Exercise Three

For this assignment, you should refer to the Find Articles and Find Books tabs along the top of the page to locate sources for your paper.

Below are a few suggested books from a PCC librarian to get you started. 

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Additionally, here are two more resources that will be useful for this project: 

"Representation in Indian Country," the first episode of a podcast called Wrong NDN Podcast:


"These costumes objectify Native American women. Retailers won’t stop selling them," an article from the online magazine Vox:


Advertising/body image topics

Killing Us Softly 4

Miss Representation

Subculture topics

Reel Injun: Native American Portrayal in Hollywood

Blacking Up