WR 121 Perrine: SP 2023: Getting Started

Your assignment

Writing Project #4: Interview Essay

In the first three writing projects, we focused on your past and present experiences. Now, we’re shifting to consider your future—specifically, the profession, career, or workplace you envision for yourself and the writing practices that are specific to that professional culture. To learn more about these writing practices, you’ll conduct an interview with at least two people from that profession and write an essay that reflects on what you learned:

  • Locate 2-3 interviewees from your future professional field. Please diversify your interviewees—locate ones from a variety of companies, organizations, or institutions, or who hold different positions in their field. Contact your interviewees and arrange a time to meet (or to talk, email, etc.).
  • Construct a list of questions designed to explore each interviewee’s experiences with and perspectives about writing in their profession. Be sure to record and/or take extensive notes during the interviews.
  • After the interviews, review your notes and/or recording. Then write an essay that includes: (1) meaningful quotes from your interviews; (2) an analysis of how your interviewees’ experiences with writing relate to some of the key concepts we have discussed in class; and (3) your reflections on how what you learned might affect your future writing.
  • How long? About 900-1200 words. (Please note: your list of questions and interview notes/transcripts do not count toward the 900-1200 words.)

More details are in your D2L course.

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