WR 121 Shein: Researched position paper

Base article

As you think about your researched position paper, you may want to focus on one or more of the following: how people are affected by a specific issue, what research has been done, or what decisions have been made or could be made in order to improve a situation.  This is a large collection of resources you may find useful.

Who's affected?

Sometimes the voices of the people affected by a situation or plan are the hardest to find.  Here are a few places to look!

Who makes the decisions?

This may be the toughest information to find -- who makes the decisions, and how?  Is it a governmental or regulatory agency, a business owner, a state legislature?  Here are a few tips and links to get you started.

Database searching -- a brief introduction

Who does the research?

Experts tend to publish for other experts, so finding the research and recommendations they provide may require searching academic and trade journals.  Here are a few useful databases -- but we have many more available; just ask!

Where else does research happen?

Policy and research institutes conduct and publish credible research, often including polls, and advocacy on social, political, cultural or economic issues. While most policy and research institutes are non-profit organizations, some have a political or ideological slant.