WR 122 Erwert: Find Sources

Researching online education

The Science and Belief Project requires using at least three sources of information. College-level research involves more than a simple Google search, although a web search is a great way to start.  This page includes information about conducting college level research on the web and in library databases.  

Web research

A web search using Google, Duck Duck Go or another favorite search engine can retrieve excellent sources of information from universities, government agencies, respected non-profit organizations and other research institutions.  It can also retrieve factoids, misinformation and commercial advertising posing as information, so search carefully. This video provides tips for finding quality sources online.

Reliable news sources

Find current event information from news sources that practice fact-based journalism.  Some recommended sources:

Fact checking resources

Library databases

Library databases provide access to published articles from magazines, newspapers, and academic journals.  Unlike some of the search results you will get from a web search, the published articles in database are almost always written by professionals and reviewed by an editor, which improves reliability. This 4 minute video offers tips for searching EBSCOHost, the library's largest article database.

Recommended databases

Searching Databases

This video offers tips and tricks to efficiently search databases for the information you are looking for.

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