WR 121 Erwert Fall 2021: Presentation formats

Presenting information in different genres

For Part 2 of your Research Project - Essay response and creative presentation -- you will present information in response to an essay in a format that is not an essay.  Choose a format appropriate to the audience you are targeting. From your assignment sheet, here are some options:

  • "Make a powerpoint/Prezzie on your topic
  • Make a pamphlet, poster, or brochure informing us on your topic
  • Make a fake or real social media profile for your topic: a fake Facebook or Instagram page, a BandCamp page, a Reddit identity with posts on the topic. Explain how and why you would design it as you do
  • Create a fake or real blog about your topic (Blogger.com, Wix.com for real ones; use Google Doc or Word for fake ones)
  • Make a piece of art that represents your topic
  • Make a movie/video about your topic
  • Create a game based on your topic
  • Other? Be creative! Just ask"

Below are some tips and examples for some of these formats.