Crossroads of Protest: Historical Connections Between Racial Justice and Other Justice Movements

There are both historical and ongoing connections between the movement for racial justice and other social movements. This guide highlights the historical connection between the racial justice movement and the fight for a broad range of human rights.

Music and Protest Introduction

Drawing of guitars with the necks turning into protest fists. 

This collection of protest songs is not in any way meant to be exhaustive. Its purpose is to offer a taste of songs from throughout history and around the world, but with a particular focus on protest songs in the United States.








Graphic by Edel Rodriguez by for The Los Angeles Times

Protest Songs in American History

Songs of Labor and Protest Around the World

"Philippines: Bangon! (Arise!): Songs of the Philippine National Democratic Struggle protests Ferdinand Marcos’ military dictatorship and the role of American imperialism in backing his regime."

20th and 21st Century Protest Songs

Humor and Parody Protest Songs