WR 122 - Easby: Getting Started

Research for the Persuasive Research Paper

In this paper, you will support and develop your own argument, using inquiry as well as persuasion.

·       identifying the core issues at stake

·       finding and presenting strong and credible evidence to back up each point you make

·       taking into account varying points of view—particularly those at odds with your own—in a fair and empathetic way.


Your paper will likely take the form primarily of one of the four kinds of arguments in your readings: FACT, DEFINITION, EVALUATION, It may certainly (and should) incorporate elements of the others as well. For example, you might briefly touch on defining a term (argument of definition) and spend most of your paper developing a criteria that supports your claim (evaluative argument). 


LENGTH: 5 pages.    


SOURCES: Use at least six sources. Sources may include books, scholarly journals, or periodicals (magazines/newspapers.) articles, films, visual references, and credible web sources.


•Wikipedia may function as a useful starting point, but it is not an academically credible source and will not qualify as one of  your six sources. 

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