WR 227 Stewart: Cite Sources in APA

Research guide for Linda Stewart's WR 227 class Spring 2018

Creating APA-Style Citations

Why cite your sources?

When you use someone else's words, ideas, or images in your writing, you need to give them proper credit. Providing a citation or reference enables others to locate these sources, too!

Avoid Plagiarism

Plagiarism is a very serious form of academic dishonesty. According to PCC's Academic Integrity Policy [PDF], plagiarism is defined as

"the use of another's words, ideas, data, or product without appropriate acknowledgement, such as copying another's work, presenting someone else's opinions and theories as one's own, or working jointly on a project and then submitting it as one's own."

Students are responsible for knowing and understanding the penalties for violating the rules of academic integrity, including plagiarizing another person's work. The following resources will help you to identify and steer clear of plagiarism.

Citation Tools

The library catalog and some library databases have built-in citation generators, which allow you to simply click on a "Cite" button to get the citation for that article or book in various formats. You can usually find this useful feature, if it is available, on the page for the specific article or book. Always double-check the citations from citation generators, as these automated tools are known to occasionally produce errors (for example, formatting the author's name or title in all capital letters). 

Here is where it is located in our EBSCO databases:

Citation Tool: Image shows the page of a full record of an article. To the right is a list of Tools. The Cite tool is circled in red.


Here is where it is located in our Library Catalog:

Citation Tool: Image shows an entry of a book in Primo. Beneath the book title is a list of sharing tools. The Citation tool is circled in red.

Citation buttons are also available in ProQuest databasesSIRSCQResearcherGoogle Scholar, and most Gale Databases. If you're not sure how to find the citation, ask a librarian.

Hanging Indents

APA Citation Guidelines and Resources

Free Citation Creation Tools