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Sources useful for local Oregon issues arguments

Check out the Portland Metro and Oregon Research Guide

Check the Portland Metro and Oregon Research Guide, designed to help students doing local research projects about local issues by providing resources related to metro Portland and Oregon. Here's what you'll find in it:

  • Data & Census - Find statistical data and census (population demographics) information.
  • Government - Links to city, Metro, county, and state government data and information.
  • News - Find information on local issues from news media sources.
  • Maps & Neighborhoods - Local and state map sources and individual Portland neighborhood data.

Questions to Ask About Your Sources

  • Is this article relevant? What is the author writing about and how does that relate to what you're researching?
  • Who are the authors and what are their qualifications? Are their qualifications good enough for the weight you are placing on their conclusions? When in doubt, Google the author(s).
  • Who published this? What is their purpose? To inform? To promote a particular viewpoint? To sell something? Do you feel like you can trust them? (when in doubt, Google the publication or look for an "About" page on their website)
  • Can you tell where the author got their information from? Their own experience? Interviewing people? A research experiment? Other experts? Do they provide references or some clue about their own sources?
  • Is this source useful? If so, how might this source be used? If it's not something you'd cite, might it have any usefulness?

Library Resources that Might be Useful

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