WR 121 Fierman: Major Writing Assignment #2

Major Writing Assignment #2

photo of a curious owlThis guide provides resources that go along with your Major Writing Assignment #2 - An Inquiry Communicated in Two Genres. From your assignment sheet:

To begin your inquiry, you will narrow down your ideas to a question/topic that interests you and begin to formulate questions you want to answer. Choose something that you are curious about, passionate about, or intrigued by. This is a chance to write about and become an expert on something that directly affects you and your decisions.

What I’ll expect from your research:

  • Information from credible, fact checked sources: this does not mean you have to use peer-reviewed academic sources! You can use books, newspapers, magazines, blogs, videos, etc. as long as you can identify a credible author and publisher. There is no single simple rule to follow for source credibility, but you can learn more about it by working with PCC librarians using the library chat or research appointments. Our class has its own PCC librarian- Roberta Richards -who you can meet with as well.

  • Facts, statistics, expert testimonies to give background/support to your topic

  • Use at least 3-4 relevant sources to complete your project. This may mean that you locate and read/review 6-10 sources, but settle on the 3-4 most relevant. Your own life experiences/knowledge may count as one source.

Follow the tabs in this guide or the links below to learn about:

  • From curiosity to research: strategies for using your curiosity to guide you to a researchable topic
  • Choose 2 genres: suggestions and examples of genres that will work for this assignment 
  • Find articles: find credible, fact-checked sources online and through library databases
  • Evaluate sources: ways to confirm that your sources are credible
  • MLA citations: instructions and examples for making MLA work cited pages and in-text citations
  • Get Help: links to places to get more help from librarians, tutors and more. 

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